Self-Managed Super Funds

You can take control and do it yourself – with an expert by your side.

A Self-Managed Super Fund lets you take control of your superannuation investments, giving you flexibility and freedom to apply your knowledge and build your wealth the way you want. But with great freedom comes great responsibility and more than a little compliance. Any infringement of the rules can result in penalties being applied to the Trustees, so it’s important you’re informed and aware of your obligations and have someone by your side to help meet them.

If you already have your own Self-Managed Super Fund with the financial returns handled by your accountant or you are just interested in taking more control of your investments, Menico Tuck Parrish Self-Managed Super Fund specialists are happy to assist with:

  • Preparing the annual Investment Strategy according to current legislation.
  • Determine the level and type of superannuation contributions which are best for you and the impact on your tax position.
  • Making sure you keep within the superannuation contributions caps taking into account employer contributions (SGC).
  • Prioritising super, non-super investments and debt repayment depending on your age.
  • Structuring your superannuation investment to reflect both what you want to achieve and your comfort level for risk.
  • Researching returns, management and style of each investment within your super portfolio.
  • Keeping you up to date with any changes in super legislation that are pertinent to you.
  • Facilitate any super management required on your behalf.
  • Monitoring your progress.

Self-Managed Super Funds have been an enormous growth area in the Australian superannuation scene and can be an effective way to build wealth for retirement, but just because it’s self managed, there’s no reason you have to do it alone.

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