Franking Credit Proposal

The current tax system provides a tax credit for the Australian company tax paid on profits which are then passed through to investors along with the dividends.  If your tax rate is less than 30% (ie you are retired and do not pay tax) then this credit is refunded to you by the ATO. Labor [...]

Newsletter – Super Special Edition

  What’s so super about super? You know we always go on about the benefits of using superannuation to save for retirement. That’s because Australians now have a higher life expectancy than ever before and it is unlikely that the government Age Pension alone will give you the financial freedom you want for the 20 [...]

Pension Asset Test Changes 01 January 2017

If you are in receipt of a part pension, changes to the Assets Test to be implemented on 1st January 2017 could affect your income. The Government has estimated that these changes will result in: 91,000 people losing entitlement to a pension 235,000 receiving a pension reduction 170,000 receiving a pension increase What are the [...]

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