Buying Investments

Property, Shares, Superannuation – what is right for you?

Deciding on how and when to invest is crucial to building wealth. If you have created some breathing space in terms of equity in your own home, you might be considering investments outside property, but what is appropriate for your goals and financial position?

In some situations, especially in markets where property is expensive, some people are turning to shares and managed funds even before committing to a mortgage, happy to stay renting and let their capital work in other ways.

What you should do is determined by your situation and we can help with:

  • Analyse your income, expenses, capital, tax situation, debt and give you a range of intelligent, well researched choices to move forward with.
  • Design efficient structures and strategies to give you a solid base and provide the best outcomes for your circumstances, now and for when they change.
  • Provide a considered opinion about what to do in any financial situation.
  • Teach you about risk – what are you prepared to lose to achieve investment gains.
  • Make complex financial matters simple and easy to understand so you can think clearly about your investment options.

“One of the myths that people believe it that you need to be rich to invest or make money out of investing. Investing is doing consistent things over a long period of time.”

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How and when to invest is crucial to building wealth.

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