Kids Have Gone

So they’ve finished school, found a job and have moved out of home. We’ll give you a little time to do that happy dance. Now you can refocus on someone who hasn’t received much attention for the past few decades.

Remember you?

This should be a really enjoyable time of life, but its entirely dependent on how disciplined and financially focussed you’ve been in the most productive years of your career. Many people are still powering on in that respect – now able to throw themselves into more challenging roles.

Many mums who’ve been concentrating on family really thrive in this time, taking up new projects, furthering education, volunteering, travelling or returning to full or part time work.

This is a crucial time to be monitoring your investment performance and rethinking your superannuation contribution levels as your costs drop and retirement looms like a cruise ship on the horizon.

“There is no need to feel ‘financially squeezed’ at this stage of your life.”

Watch this video and learn why it is important to see a financial adviser at this stage in life.

Services we provide that help at this stage of life:

Managing Cashflow
Salary Packaging
Estate Planning
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It's a crucial time to review and rethink.

No with kids grown up and your retirement looming, it’s important to see an financial adviser to review your investments and plan ahead.
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