Bad news could mean a fresh start.

In the 35 years Menico Tuck Parrish have been advising Australians, we’ve seen booms, busts and the inevitable stress and hardship that redundancy can bring to families, especially with only one wage earner.

Often redundancy can be an opportunity in disguise as it can help you refocus your goals and move your career into a new direction, take that leap to self employment or bring forward your retirement if you are approaching that age.

Regardless of what your next steps might be, we can help you:

  • Understand the payments you may receive from your employer and what tax treatments apply.
  • Consider the financial issues likely to be relevant to your age and career goals.
  • Manage your redundancy payments effectively.

“We look at the Redundancy Package itself and look at how to create a benefit for you in this sometimes very stressful time.”

Watch this video and learn how a financial adviser can help at this stage in life.

Services that we can provide to help:

Managing Cashflow
Wealth Protection Insurance
Redundancy Package Advice
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Bad news could mean a fresh start.

Regardless of what your next steps might be. We can help. Talk to our experienced advisers now.
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