Self-Employed (Business Owner)

It takes a special kind of person to back themselves and strike out on their own.

Congratulations on taking charge of your own destiny, and in many cases providing employment for others.

Because you are responsible for so much, it’s important to ensure that your crucial role is protected. We can help with insurance that enables your income to continue if you are incapacitated as well as pay for someone to manage the business on your behalf if required.

We can help you structure your affairs to best use the interactions of your business, personal finances, superannuation, insurance and investments to continue to build and protect your wealth.

If you are in partnership, it’s important to plan for what happens if you or your business partner(s) cannot contribute to the business any more. In many cases it is important to insure each other so that one partner can afford to buy back the ownership of the business if the other partner is incapacitated (commonly called a buy/sell agreement).

Whatever business journey you are on, we can help you build and protect the things that are important to you as you move along that path.

And when you decide it is time to hang up your work boots, we are here to help with your exit strategy so your transition from business owner to self-made-person-at-large-enjoying-a-well-earned-retirement is as frictionless and positive as possible.

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A strategy for whatever business journey you are on.

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