Transition into Aged Care

What about your parents?

So you have finally retired and your children are doing their own thing, life is wonderful.  Then a call comes from the hospital: Mum has fallen over and they will not let her go home on her own.  She needs to either move in with you or go into permanent residential aged care.  What should you do?

We’ve helped many Far North Queenslanders transition into aged care, and can help with the financial compliance as well as with selecting the right accommodation or service for your needs and means.

Moving into residential aged care can be a confusing and emotional process for all involved. Complex legislation, finances, paperwork – a lot is required and often faced during a health crisis. Hasty or uninformed decisions can cost thousands of dollars, and in some cases restrict the options of care available.

We can put the pieces of this jigsaw puzzle together so you can concentrate on the move.

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Avoid unpleasant surprises when moving into residential aged care.

Talk to one of our financial advisers about the options and how to receive the level of care required.
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