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What a wonderful time of life this is. At this stage you might have a HECS or student debt to clear. There also might be credit card debts or car purchase to pay for. This is also the time most people would like to start saving for a deposit on a house. We’ll help you with strategies to do that on a graduate or starters wage.

More often we are seeing people at this stage taking on quite a lot of debt, and it’s important you don’t get too behind before trying to get in front – if you find yourself struggling, it’s the best time to see us.

Frequent job hopping or changes in a career can propel you forward to a better income but can also create a slew of superannuation accounts and affect your ability to build on savings during quieter times or between jobs. We can help you plan and ensure the ups and downs don’t dent your financial health.

“I wish I would have started earlier.”

This is something we hear quite often. Make an appointment with us and learn how and why you should get started with your wealth building strategy early in life.

Services we provide that help at this stage of life:

Managing Cashflow
Salary Packaging
Wealth Protection & Insurance
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The earlier you start the better.

You don’t have to be wealthy to start but you have to start to be wealthy. Start today and ask us how.
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