Young & Engaged or Married

This is the time when you can make real advances in your wealth building strategy. With few responsibilities other than pets or possibly a wedding to pay for, this is the time to focus on career, travel, fun and getting started with investments and building up some momentum in your superannuation.

With a commitment to a significant other comes a responsibility to structure your affairs in case of death so it’s time to think of a will and estate planning as well as saving for the larger financial commitments coming your way soon.

While it’s a great time for travel and adventure, it’s also important to protect your capacity to earn with income protection or trauma insurance – especially if you have taken on a mortgage. An unexpected medical situation can really set you back even if you don’t have any debts, so deciding on the right level of insurance can help balance the need for protection and your cashflow.

“Use the strength you have as a couple.”

Watch this video and learn why it is important to see a financial adviser at this stage in life.

Services we provide that help at this stage of life:

Salary Packaging
Wealth Protection & Insurance
Estate Planning
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As a couple you have the “power of two” – use it.

Now is the time to review and fast-track your wealth building strategy.
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