Newsletter – Super Special Edition

  What’s so super about super? You know we always go on about the benefits of using superannuation to save for retirement. That’s because Australians now have a higher life expectancy than ever before and it is unlikely that the government Age Pension alone will give you the financial freedom you want for the 20 [...]

Female financial freedom: How women can take charge of their money at every stage of life

Thursday 8 March is International Women’s Day – a time to celebrate what has been a remarkable year for women around the world. From the #metoo and #timesup campaigns to demands for equal pay, women are taking unprecedented strides in both the professional and public spheres. In this new era of female empowerment, however, there’s [...]

Informing Women – The Nitty-Gritty of Financial Goal Setting

There is plenty of advice out there about why you should save for your future, but little that explains exactly how. One of the problems when discussing wealth creation and retirement planning is that it usually involves words rather than numbers. People say they want to ‘build a retirement nest egg’ or ‘make sure I [...]