First Meeting

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” – Zig Ziglar

There will be no cost for your first meeting with Menico Tuck Parrish. The better we know you, the better service we can provide should you choose us as your advisors.

The focus of this meeting is to talk through what you want to achieve and over what timeframe. Think about broad goals first and what’s important to you. Would you like to retire early, spend more time with the family, pay off your mortgage faster, travel overseas, set up the kid’s education, reduce tax, do some home renovations or simply consolidate your super?

Audacious or modest, long term or short term – now’s the time to imagine your goals and where you’d like to be.

What Will Happen At This Meeting

  • We’ll map out your financial footprint based on the information you provide.
  • We’ll discuss the expectations you may have of us and what we might need from you to help achieve those goals.
  • We’ll then detail our financial services – what we can offer you and any costs involved.
  • Then we’ll explain the 6-steps of our financial advice and review process.
  • Talk through the next steps and answer any of your questions.


This first consultation is at our cost. We see this as an investment in getting to know you and where you want be. So see you soon and we look forward to helping you take those first steps to financial wellbeing.

What To Bring

The more detail we have, the more we can help. Our aim is to build a picture of what you own, what you owe, what you earn and what your commitments are.

Take a few moments to jot down or think about:

  • Your life goals – family, education, wealth, retirement.
  • Any financial concerns or issues you want addressed – debts, saving, tax.
  • Details of your income (payslips, tax returns)
  • An estimate of your expenses (day to day living and one off or large purchases)
  • Your assets (statements or information about your bank accounts, investments, super, vehicles, property and the like)
  • Liabilities (the current status of mortgage/s, loans, credit cards or leases)
  • Any personal insurances such as life policies, trauma or income protection.
  • Any information on your estate plans (i.e. Will or Power of Attorney)
First meeting with Menico Tuck Parrish
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The better we know you, the better service we can provide should you choose us as your advisors. Contact us for your FREE consultation today.

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